Want to know how far the rabbit hole goes ?

Welcome to the mind of some Genious .
For a Moment it felt like Paradice .
Mind so fucked up , NEVERMIND .

"I don’t Have a Single Sober Vein in my Body"

My veins are filled with anger,love,and my commitment to life even though this life will end soon or later . At this very moment , when I look over my shoulder and notice there’s nobody by my side it doesn’t even make me sad anymore . I can only imagine and go through my memories to pick up the one i want to see . Which can drive me happy or just make me sad . Life is full of choices , stop holding on to the past is a choice . No matter how hard it will be , at the end of the day your choices led you here and there’s a reason to this , it cannot be tamed , it will not . This journey have been such a pleasure , but I think we cannot embrace the bright future without taking a little pain .  We all bite the dust or we will obviously at a certain point of our lives . Let’s say theses failures are compulsory , shall we ? Then it all makes sense , doesn’t it ? A failure at school or relationships aren’t the worst thing that can happen , you still can breathe . Inhale , Exhale , Give thanks to your past for the lessons , and hold on to your dreams and never let them go .” You’ll be under scrutiny, constantly but only you and God knows what you are aiming for . Greatness” It won’t be in VAIN .